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History might be written by the winners, but presidential politics is often shaped by the Long Shots. In a new podcast series from Inside Voices, veteran journalist Conor Powell and executive producer Gary Scott explore eight presidential candidates who lost the race for the White House but permanently changed America’s political landscape Рright up to today.

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Victoria Woodhull: "Mrs. Satan"

In 1872, Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for president. She ended up in prison. She might be the longest long shot of them all - and the most forward-thinking.

Victoria Woodhull had a few things going against her: She ran for president a half century before women got the right to vote. She ran on a platform of sexual and gender equality that so enraged her political enemies they passed laws to silence her. She spoke about free-love nearly a century before the sexual revolution. Her running mate was a black man. Oh, and she spent Election Day behind bars. Indeed, Woodhull might be the longest long shot of them all - a candidate so visionary she'd still be considered a progressive today.
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